My Ethos

Work hard and give 100% because ďYour only as good as your last performanceĒ Preparation is key and when you no longer have a passion for performing you can always find something else you love x

Iíve always loved the connection between myself and my audience. I get immense satisfaction from working closely with couples and family members arranging their music for occasions such as Wedding Celebrations or Funeral Masses that are important and very personal.

About Me

My passion has always been singing and Iíve performed for over 25 years. Iím a classically trained Mezzo Soprano and a highly experienced vocalist specialising in providing music for Church & Civil Ceremonies as well as performing light Swing/Jazz/Blues/Irish Trad/Sixties &Popular music at Corporate and Pre dinner receptions.

As a young child I drove my mother mad incessantly singing and humming at home She thought Iíd benefit joining a choir aged 8 so naturally I had to rehearse more at home.

My first Church Solo came aged 11 on my confirmation day and although traumatised, I was hooked.

At 15 my local P.P. and School Principal sent me forward for a scholarship in classical vocal training and piano at the College of Music. I was accepted and my life of studying music began. After years of warbling vocal exercises which mum LOVED I was now a fully-fledged Mezzo Soprano and a busy Church Soloist.

At 21 I wanted to enhance my stage skills and improve my experience in other genres of music so I auditioned and joined a band. I decided best not to inform my vocal teacher at music college Itís been hectic and hard work but Iíve loved every minute and my careers enabled me to work and become friends with the most talented musicians .

Iíve had the privilege of singing in amazing venues including stunning Opera houses, Cathedrals, churches and venues in Ireland any abroad.

Today Iím a seasoned professional, with over 20 years performing everything from Classical Ariaís to Jazz, Swing, Popular and Celtic Music.

I specialise in performing and arranging music for Weddings including the Ceremony & Drinks Reception. I also perform Jazz, Swing, Popular and Irish music at corporate events and for various hotels Iíd better mention I also managed to bag a wonderful husband and have two beautiful children and that mumís my biggest fan and has supported and followed me everywhere, thanks mum x